24th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering

Conference Program

Session 3: Novel Reactors and Process Intensification 1
Mon. June 13, Great Lakes C
 Chair: Marc-Olivier Coppens
Co-Chair: Ryan Hartman
10:05-10:45AMKeynote: "New Methods in Solid State Reaction Engineering: Molecular Mechanisms of Cellulose Pyrolysis," Paul J. Dauenhauer, Christoph Krumm, Cheng Zhu, Saurabh Maduskar (432)
10:45-11:05AM"A Systematic Methodology for the Virtual Reconstruction of Open-Cell Foams," Mauro Bracconi, Matteo Maestri, Gianpiero Groppi and Enrico Tronconi (244)
11:05-11:25AM"Highly Conductive 'Packed Foams' for the Intensification of Catalytic Processes in Compact Tubular Reactors," Carlo Giorgio Visconti, Gianpiero Groppi and Enrico Tronconi (364)
11:25-11:45AM"Microtomography-Based Numerical Simulations of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Through β-SiC Open-Cell Foams for Catalysis," Xiaolei Fan, Petr Denissenko and Alexei Lapkin (23)

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Key Dates

June 29, 2015— Call for Abstracts

November 30, 2015— Abstract Submission Deadline

January 15, 2016— Amundson & Aris Award Nomination Deadline

January 22, 2016— Notification of Acceptance

February 1, 2016— Registration Opens

April 18, 2016— Manuscript Submission Deadline

April 22, 2016— Early Registration Deadline