24th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering

Conference Program

Session 11: Gas Phase Reactions
Mon. June 13, Great Lakes C
 Chair: Craig Taatjes
Co-Chair: Judit Zador
3:20-3:40PM"Mechanisms of Consumption of Alkenes in Supercritical Water Treatment and Pyrolysis of Hexylbenzene," Lawrence Lai, Soumya Gudiyella and William Green (269)
3:40-4:00PMInvited: "Automated Elementary Kinetics for Gas-Phase Reactions," Judit Zádor (415)
4:00-4:20PM"First-Principles Kinetic Model for 2-Methyl-Tetrahydrofuran Pyrolysis and Combustion," Ruben De Bruycker, Luc-Sy Tran, Hans-Heinrich Carstensen, Pierre-Alexandre Glaude, Frédérique Battin-Leclerc, Guy Marin and Kevin Van Geem (77)
4:20-4:40PM"A Modeling Study of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Formed During the Pyrolysis of Hydrocarbons - Application to Low-Pressure Gas Carburizing Processes," Tsilla Bensabath, Hubert Monnier and Pierre-Alexandre Glaude (56)
4:40-5:00PM"Bifurcation Analysis of Methane Oxidative Coupling Without Catalyst," Vemuri Balakotaiah, Arun Kota, Sagar Sarsani and David West (404)

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June 29, 2015— Call for Abstracts

November 30, 2015— Abstract Submission Deadline

January 15, 2016— Amundson & Aris Award Nomination Deadline

January 22, 2016— Notification of Acceptance

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