24th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering

Conference Program

Session 19: Bio-derived Chemicals and Fuels 2
Tues. June 14, Great Lakes C
 Chair: Luke Williams
Co-Chair: Matt Mettler
1:15-1:35PM"Ring-Opening and Decarboxylation of Biomass Derived Lactones and Pyrones," Shelaka Gupta, Md. Imteyaz Alam, Nishant Sinha and M. Ali Haider (394)
1:35-1:55PM"Selective Production of Allyl-Alcohol from Glycerol over Iron Oxide Catalyst," Teruoki Tago, Kazuhiro Terai, Hiroyasu Fujitsuka, Takuya Yoshikawa, Yuta Nakasaka and Takao Masuda (216)
1:55-2:15PM"Renewable Isoprene by Dehydrodecarboxylation of Mevalonolactone," William Bazela, Torren Carlson, Maggie Cervin, Rohan Durbal, Annalisa Hargis, Joseph McAuliffe, Joseph Murphy, James Ngai, Joachim Ritter, Karl Sanford, Sourav Sengupta and Gregg Whited (67)
2:15-2:35PM"Insights Into the Mechanism and Activity of Metal Salt-Catalyzed Glucose Chemistry in Aqueous Solution," Hannah Nguyen, Marta Gracia, Vladimiros Nikolakis and Dionisios Vlachos (374)
2:35-2:55PMInvited: "Experimental Consideration of Catalytic Kinetics in the Aqueous Phase: Levulinic Acid Hydrogenation over Supported Ru," Jesse Bond, Omar A. Abdelrahman, Helen Y. Luo, Andreas Heyden, and Yuriy Román-Leshkov (267)

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Key Dates

June 29, 2015— Call for Abstracts

November 30, 2015— Abstract Submission Deadline

January 15, 2016— Amundson & Aris Award Nomination Deadline

January 22, 2016— Notification of Acceptance

February 1, 2016— Registration Opens

April 18, 2016— Manuscript Submission Deadline

April 22, 2016— Early Registration Deadline