24th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering

Conference Program

Session 22: Modeling, Design, Control, Optimization of Chemical Reactors 3
Tues. June 14, Great Lakes B
 Chair: Kim McAuley
Co-Chair: Hannsjörg Freund
3:20-3:40PM"Development of a Grain Model Accounting for Solid Diffusion to Describe the Redox Kinetics of CuO/Al2O3 Particles for Chemical Looping Combustion," Maria Angel San Pio Bordeje, Fausto Gallucci, Ivo Roghair and Martin van Sint Annaland (9)
3:40-4:00PM"Multicatalyst Hydrocracking Model Developed Using Data from a Pilot Plant Imitating the Commercial Operation," Mustafa Karakaya, Anood Taher, Mohammad Abdur Rakib, Menwa Abdulrahman Dakhan, Mohamed Yousef Hussain, Adel Al Hamadi, Nilesh Chandak, Abraham George and Mohamed Al Musharfy (53)
4:00-4:20PM"Modelling and Analysis of the Lurgi-type Methanol-to-Propylene Reactor," Xun Huang and Wen-De Xiao (160)
4:20-4:40PM"Simulation of NOx and Soot Abatement Via SCRoF With Cu-CHA and Fe-ZSM5 Catalysts," Samir Bensaid, Vemuri Balakotaiah and Dan Luss (201)
4:40-5:00PM"CO2 Methanation: Optimal Start-Up Control of a Fixed-Bed Reactor for Power-To-Gas Applications," Jens Bremer and Kai Sundmacher (234)

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Key Dates

June 29, 2015— Call for Abstracts

November 30, 2015— Abstract Submission Deadline

January 15, 2016— Amundson & Aris Award Nomination Deadline

January 22, 2016— Notification of Acceptance

February 1, 2016— Registration Opens

April 18, 2016— Manuscript Submission Deadline

April 22, 2016— Early Registration Deadline