24th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering

Conference Program

Session 26: Modeling, Design, Control, Optimization of Chemical Reactors 4
Wed. June 15, Great Lakes B
 Chair: Jaap Schouten
Co-Chair: Sagar Sarsani
9:45-10:05AM"Loading Methodologies and Impact on Packing Configurations," Srikanth Panyaram, David Slivensky, Ken Hampton, Xianchun Wu and Benjamin Wilhite (410)()
10:05-10:25AM"Optimizing Chemical Reactor Performance by Exploiting the Interplay Between Heterogeneously Catalyzed and Homogeneous Reactions," Jeroen Poissonnier, Joris W. Thybaut and Guy B. Marin (255)
10:25-10:45AM"Model-Based Design and Operation of Flow Reactors for Conversion of Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals," Xiaohong Cui, Sam Mannan and Benjamin Wilhite (360)
10:45-11:05AM"Optimization of the Product Spectrum for 1-Pentene Cracking on ZSM-5 Using Single-Event Methodology: Two-Zone Reactor and Recycle Reactor," Sebastian Standl, Tassilo von Aretin, Markus Tonigold and Olaf Hinrichsen (156)
11:05-11:25AM"A Graph-Theoretic Framework for Model Reduction Using Time-Scale Analysis of Complex Reaction Networks," Udit Gupta, Aditya Bhan and Prodromos Daoutidis (397)
11:25-11:45AM"HCK Modeling: Which Kind of Model to Choose: Continuous Lumping or Single Events?" Jan Verstraete, Benoit Celse, Julian Becker, Denis Guillaume, Luc Bertier and Victor Costa (45)
11:45-12:00PMClosing Remarks (Paul Dauenhauer)

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June 29, 2015— Call for Abstracts

November 30, 2015— Abstract Submission Deadline

January 15, 2016— Amundson & Aris Award Nomination Deadline

January 22, 2016— Notification of Acceptance

February 1, 2016— Registration Opens

April 18, 2016— Manuscript Submission Deadline

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