24th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering

Conference Program

Session 27: Hydrogen Production and Utilization
Wed. June 15, Great Lakes C
 Chair: T.T. Tsotsis
9:45-10:05AM"Steam Gasification of a Cellulose Surrogate Using a New Ni/La2O3-γAl2O3 Catalyst: Kinetic Modeling," Jahirul Mazumder and Hugo de Lasa (290)
10:05-10:25AM"Chemical Looping Dry Reforming: CO2 as a 'Soft' Oxidant for Syngas Production," Amey More, Saurabh Bhavsar and Goetz Veser (328)
10:25-10:45AM"Pt/CNT Catalyzed Hydrolytic Dehydrogenation of Ammonia Borane: Thermodynamics and Kinetics," Wenyao Chen, Dali Li, Xuezhi Duan, Gang Qian, De Chen and Xinggui Zhou (146)
10:45-11:25AMKeynote: "Novel Integrated Reactor Concepts for Hydrogen Production," Martin van Sint Annaland, Vincenzo Spallina, Ivo Roghair and Fausto Gallucci (190)
11:25-11:45AM"Layered Composite Catalysts for Process Intensification in Syngas Production," Ummuhan Cimenler, Paul Kairys, James Othus, Babu Joseph, Tim Fawcett and John Kuhn (305)
11:45-12:00PMClosing Remarks (Dan Hickman)

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