Plenary Speakers

  Confirmed  Plenary Speakers Tentative Title
  Dr. Kathryn Beers, NIST High-Throughput  Approaches to Polymer Science using Microreactor Technology
  Dr. Ahmad Hilaly,  ADM Technical Challenges and Issues in Commercializing Biorefinery Concepts
  Stephen B. Jaffe, ExxonMobil Composition Modeling: Describing the Chemistry of Petroleum Conversion
  Se Oh, General Motors Math-Based Approach to the Design and Optimization of Vehicle Emission Control Systems
  David Robinson, Merck Challenges and opportunities for cell line and reactor engineering in biopharmaceuticals
  Jeffrey J. Siirola, Eastman Chemical Sustainability in the Chemical and Energy Industries
  Rajeev Gautam, UOP Enabling a Sustainable Processing Industry through Novel Reactor Design
  Carlos M. Villa, Dow Reactor Modeling for Polymerization Processes

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