logo ISCRE 21
21st International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering
Sunday June 13th - Wednesday June 16th, 2010
Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Oral Presentation Sessions

The total time for each presentation, including time for questions and answers and transition between speakers, is 20 minutes. We suggest that the actual presentation be 16-17 minutes long.

The authors are responsible for making sure that the presentation plays properly. The session chairs and aides will provide assistance. All authors must complete loading/testing their presentations at least 30 minutes before the start of the session. The location of the speaker-ready room will be announced at the conference.

We plan to have a common laptop available with the session chair in each session. We request that the authors bring their presentation on a flash drive, and load/try it ahead of time on the common laptop. If the presentations display properly, we will use the common laptop for your presentation (as it will cut down the time for transition between speakers).

If your presentation does not display satisfactorily on the common computer, come prepared to use your own laptop. We can not guarantee that the shared laptop will be able to handle all the special features of presentations that the authors may have prepared (embedded video for example). 

Please also bring your presentation in a PDF format as well as a back-up. If the PowerPoint version does not work satisfactorily or if we encounter Mac/PC translational difficulties, we can use the PDF version.

A flash drive containing the program and the abstracts will be distributed at registration. A hard copy of the titles and authors for all the presentations will also be supplied at registration.) You will need your laptops to see the abstracts.

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