24th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering

2016 Neal R. Amundson Award Recipient

Mike DudukovicThe 2016 Neal R. Amundson Award for Excellence in Chemical Reaction Engineering recognizes pioneers in the field of Chemical Reaction Engineering who have exerted a major influence on the theory and/or practice of the field, through originality, creativity, and novelty of concept or application. The award is made every three years at an ISCRE or NASCRE meeting, and consists of a plaque and a check in the amount of $5,000. The Amundson Award is generously supported by a grant from the ExxonMobil Corporation. It will be presented at ISCRE 24.

The ISCRE Board is pleased to announce that Professor Milorad P. Dudukovic, The Laura and William Jens Professor of Environmental Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, was selected as the winner of the Amundson award, from a pool of 14 outstanding candidates from around the world.

Professor Milorad P. Dudukovic was nominated "for advancing the fundamental understanding of multiphase reaction engineering systems and for his lifelong dedication to teaching and promoting chemical reaction engineering."

His efforts have been the basis for the development of a commercial reactor as well as robust models for different manufacturing processes.

Excerpts from the nomination include:

  • His publications demonstrate a remarkable ability to blend experimentation with mathematical modeling leading to insightful solutions to very complex multiphase reactor issues.
  • He has pursued a vision of bridging the gap between academic research and industrial practice of reaction engineering by developing the Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory (CREL) as an effective interface between the two.
  • Dudukovic's relentless pursuit of quantification of multiscale transport-kinetic interactions via physically based models with appropriate experimental validation resulted in astounding success across disciplinary boundaries.
  • Most widely known are Dudukovic's pioneering efforts in quantifying the flow fields and mixing in various opaque multiphase systems, using radioactive particle tracking (CARPT) and γ-ray tomography (CT) which have provided a basis for validation of CFD simulations.

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